School is back in session, or it almost is, depending on where you live. Summer ending and school starting can be tough on kids, no matter their age. Whether your little one is ecstatic to reconnect with classmates or nervous about starting a new grade, there’s one thing pretty much every child loves: snacks.

Snacks might not be able to take away the nerves or get your child excited about a new school year, but they can be a special way to let your child know you are thinking about them when they open their lunchbox. Preparing after school snacks occasionally is a great way to foster conversation with your little one and hear about their day. Plus, who doesn’t love a treat after school and before dinner?

Without further ado, here is some snack inspiration for the upcoming school year. Don’t worry, they’re not all apple based (but a lot of them are!).

Lunch Snacks

These snacks are perfect to pack in lunches for an afternoon snack and midday pick-me-up for tired kiddos. Many of them are easy to make ahead, make in large batches, and enjoy for the whole week.

After School Snacks

These snacks are perfect for after school treats for hungry kiddos or ravenous teenagers. Some you can make ahead, some you can freeze in advance, and some you can quickly assemble when it is time to chow down. Your kids can even help prepare these bites, or help themselves to ones you have prepared beforehand and left in the fridge or freezer.

Happy snacking! Of course, if you’re in the Grand Rapids area, there’s no place like our Apple Haus for an after school snack. Three words: apple cider donuts. See you soon!