Jump Your Heart Out

Will have the pillow open Spring 2024, weather permitting.

The jumping pillow is a huge, 30’ x 60’, air-filled pillow, which is permanently installed in the ground. It can hold many jumpers at one time, which makes it fun and interactive. Weather permitting, the pillow is open every day the store is open in the spring, summer and fall (see hours). If it is too cold, too hot or if the vinyl is wet, the pillow will be closed for safety reasons.

Price is $6 per person for unlimited jumping during one day. You may be asked to take turns if many guests are waiting in line. Tickets are available at the maze entrance, the red barn or at the Activity Ticket Booth on weekends in the Fall.

Kids playing
  • Small children may not be permitted to jump for safety reasons

  • Jumpers must be physically fit

  • Weight limit is 225 pounds

  • No flips or somersaults allowed

  • Remove shoes and jewelry and empty pockets
  • Do not jump when wet

  • Maintain an arms-length distance from other jumpers

  • Stay safe when entering and exiting the pillow

  • No smoking, alcohol or drugs in the jumping pillow area

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