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Visit our tasting room in a barn built in 1881. Robinette’s produces several of our own wine and hard ciders on site, while others are made for us from Michigan fruit. We started serving it to the public in 2006. The first hard cider made at Robinette’s is named Barzilla’s Brew, after the founder of the farm, Barzilla Robinette. Barzilla always said, “Feel free NOT to name any of the children after me”…so we named our first cider after him!

Employee serving wine

Tasting Room

Walk-Ins Welcome

Robinette’s has more than 20 Michigan-made wines and ciders for you to sample in the winery. No reservations are needed for our tasting room. Any time the building is open, you can come in to taste our wines and hard ciders.

We are always creating and experimenting with new wine flavors. We have several fruit wines, including Cranberry, Apple, Blueberry and two of our most popular wines, Passionate Peach Spumante and Chocolate! Be sure to ask about our mulled wine, it’s delicious!

Our cider list varies by the season and availability. Some of our current and previous offerings include Barzilla’s, Apple Cherry and Hopped Cider.

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Wine tasting is $8 per person (prices subject to change). We invite you to join us for a tasting where you can sip and savor our house-made favorites. Ages 21+ are allowed in the tasting room. Wine tasting ceases 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Robinette's Winery

Souvenir Wine Glass & Tasting Sampler

Want to try them all? Our sampler is for you! Choose any 5 of our house-made wines or hard ciders to taste. Please bring your glass back to receive half-off wine tasting. Please remember to drink responsibly.

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