Frequently Asked Questions

When is apple picking season in Michigan?2022-04-21T16:10:02-04:00

September and October are prime apple picking months in Michigan. At Robinette’s, we pick our apples from August through November. Our U-Pick season usually starts around the second weekend in September and goes into October, or whenever the trees are picked clean.

When does apple picking season end?2022-04-21T16:24:20-04:00

Every orchard is different, but our U-Pick usually ends in October when all the apples have been picked.

What kind of apples for apple pie?2023-06-04T23:54:02-04:00

You may have heard the saying, “Spies for pies,” which is referring to Northern Spy apples. This is a great choice for apple pie, and we also recommend Jonagold or Mutsu varieties. The good news is that almost any apple can be used for pie; each kind will simply yield a different texture and flavor. Learn more about the best apples for apple pie.

What kind of apples for applesauce?2022-04-21T16:23:25-04:00

Softer apples are typically the best choice for applesauce. We recommend McIntosh if you like a smoother sauce, or harder apples like Northern Spy if you prefer chunkier applesauce. Read more about the best apples for applesauce.

How many apple varieties are there?2022-04-21T16:22:57-04:00

There are over 7,500 apple varieties grown throughout the world. Here at Robinette’s, we grow over 40 varieties of apples.

What U-Pick fruit do you have besides apples?2022-04-21T16:22:21-04:00

Starting around the beginning of July, we have a U-Pick cherry season. This is a great time to pick fresh cherries for a summer cherry pie!

How are corn mazes made?2022-04-21T16:22:00-04:00

Farms have different techniques for making corn mazes. At Robinette’s, we plant our corn in two directions to resemble a grid. We then map out the maze design on the grid. Once the corn has grown a few inches, we cut out the shape of our corn maze design. This allows our maze to grow into unique designs. We have a blast designing and creating our corn mazes for families to enjoy year after year.

What animals are in a petting zoo?2022-04-21T16:21:03-04:00

Every petting zoo is different. Some petting zoos may have exotic animals like elephants, but most petting zoos feature farm animals like pigs, donkeys, goats, and more. The petting zoo at Robinette’s changes week to week, but we have a variety of donkeys, mini horses, goats, lambs, calves, and sometimes alpaca, ducks, chickens, and bunnies.

Where are the best hiking trails in Grand Rapids?2022-04-21T16:20:46-04:00

There are so many hiking trails in Grand Rapids; you can find a list of them all on AllTrails. The Provin trails are just down the street from us. Additionally, we have walking, running, and biking trails on our property that go through the orchards.

Where can I get a map of jogging trails, bike trails, and nature trails for Robinette’s?2022-04-21T16:19:43-04:00

Great question! Here’s a map of our nature trails. They are open November through August and closed during our peak harvest season.

What should I wear on a hayride?2022-04-21T16:18:35-04:00

Dress according to the season. You may also consider wearing pants or bringing a blanket if you think the hay will bother you. Since the weather in Michigan changes so frequently, we recommend dressing in layers.

Are bounce houses safe for 2 year olds?2022-04-21T16:17:43-04:00

While bounce houses are extremely fun for kids, they are not the safest activity for 2 year olds. If you’re bringing little ones with you to Robinette’s, we have a jumping pillow for children 3 and up. Because it is anchored into the ground, the jumping pillow is safer than a bounce house.

Where can I get fresh apple cider donuts in Grand Rapids?2022-04-21T16:16:54-04:00

You’ll find a handful of donut shops in Grand Rapids. If you’re looking for fresh, made from scratch donuts, come to Robinette’s. We make cinnamon sugar, pumpkin spice (Sept-Dec), chocolate frosted, and chocolate with sprinkles. We also make maple bacon donuts (not in the fall), which are delicious! Many people call our donuts apple cider donuts, but we use the same recipe we have been using for 50 years!

Are there any local bakeries in the area?2022-04-21T16:14:39-04:00

Yes, there are many local bakeries to visit and enjoy in Grand Rapids. Of course, we’re partial to our fresh donuts and apple bread. Once you try them, we think you will be, too!

Where can an out-of-towner find the best lunch?2022-04-21T16:14:20-04:00

We recommend trying a few different local spots if you’re visiting from out of town. Your first stop should be Robinette’s—we serve sandwiches from 11am-3pm, and in the winter we have soups and quiches.

Are there any good picnic spots in Grand Rapids?2022-04-21T16:13:41-04:00

There sure are, and there are even some great picnic spots right at Robinette’s. We have lots of picnic tables for you to sit on and enjoy your fresh donuts or lunch from our café.

How is apple cider made?2022-04-21T16:12:54-04:00

Apple cider is made by preparing and pressing apples to extract all the natural juice. At Robinette’s, we do not add anything to or pasteurize our cider. To achieve the very best flavor, we use several kinds of apples. We run our cider through a UV light to kill any bacteria, and we even flash freeze our cider in November so we can sell it through the summer.

Where can I get fresh apple cider near me?2022-04-21T16:12:39-04:00

Depending on where you live, you should be able to find fresh apple cider at your local farmers market. If you happen to be in the Grand Rapids area, you can get fresh cider right here at Robinette’s.

What’s the difference between apple juice and apple cider?2022-04-21T16:12:01-04:00

Apple cider is typically unfiltered, while apple juice is usually filtered and may have additives such as sweeteners or preservatives. Robinette’s cider is just the juice from apples—pure cider.

What is mulled wine?2022-04-21T16:11:38-04:00

Mulled wine is wine that is warmed up with spices added. It’s a delicious beverage, especially around the holidays or on a cold day. We make mulled wine with our Rapids red wine, our Cranberry wine, and some mulling spices that we also sell separately.

What is fruit wine?2023-03-07T12:01:02-05:00

Fruit wine is wine that is made from fruit other than grapes. Here at Robinette’s we serve a wide variety of fruit wines, including Cranberry, Blueberry, Apple, Cherry, Passionate Peach Spumante, and Royal Raspberry. Learn about pairing fruit wine with food.

Are there any cider mills in Michigan?2022-06-13T14:17:46-04:00

There are plenty! Many farms in Michigan have cider mills, and we have been making cider here at the farm since 1971! Come visit us to taste the tradition for yourself.

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