Next up on our segment on fruit wine: apple! We make tasty apple wine right here at Robinette’s, and we offer a variety of other wines. From blueberry to cranberry to of course apple, we make it easy to enjoy your favorite flavors and pair them with your favorite foods. If that weren’t enough, we also have decadent chocolate and Passionate Peach Spumante for you to try.

So what exactly is apple wine and what does it go best with?

What is Apple Wine?

It is a natural fruit wine made from fresh Michigan apples, is a semi-sweet wine boasting the intensity of crisp locally-grown apples. Due to its well-balanced sweet and sour seasonality, it’s possible to enjoy this wine with virtually any fruit-based or savory dish.

Generally thought of as a dessert wine due to its sweetness, this fruit wine is enjoyed all year round, especially in summer and fall. Many people confuse apple wine with apple cider, but they do have their differences. Apple cider is the same as apple juice but in its straightest and rawest form; apple juice is put through the filtration and pasteurization process, whereas cider is not. Hard cider is cider that has been allowed to ferment, with a resulting alcohol level between three and six percent. Note: we also sell our very own hard cider here at Robinette’s.

This fruit wine is a hard apple juice that has gone through the wine-making process and is higher in alcohol, with adjusted acidity and the addition of nutrients. It’s bottled and aged, and features an alcohol level between 10 and 12 percent.

Pairings With Apple Wine

Pop open a bottle of this wine to enjoy with blue cheese, apple pie, or even pancakes. If healthy, fresh, seasonal greens are more your thing, create a dinner salad complete with crumbled blue cheese and a glass of apple wine. This strong cheese complements the sweet yet tart flavor of apple wine very well. You can even pair blue cheese appetizers with hard apple ciders.

When it comes to dessert, apple pie is a natural complement to this fruit wine. Slice up some crunchy apples and pair the with a glass the next time you need a simple appetizer for guests on a summer night. If you’re planning a brunch with pancakes, serve this wine to bring out the natural flavors of this syrupy baked good.

Visit the Winery at Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery

Come sample some of our more than 20 Michigan-made wines right here in our winery, including fruit wines like apple. Wine tastings are just $8 per person and no reservations are necessary. To learn more, call us at (800) 400-8100 today. While you’re here, try our house-made hard ciders as well.