The Lodi apple is a small- to medium-sized varietal that can be round, oval, or conical in shape tapering off to a narrow base. Harvested in early summer through mid-summer, the Lodi’s surface will ripen from a green to a pale yellow-green, sometimes flushed with light pink blush patches. They do bruise easily, so handle with care. The Lodi’s crisp and succulent consistency boasts an initially tart then subtly sweet aftertaste. Tarter, sharper, and more acidic than Granny Smith apples, Lodi apples often have tones of vanilla, ginger, and grapefruit.

Nutritional Value

Named after Lodi, New York, a town in Seneca County, these apples are a great source of calcium for strong bones and teeth, fiber for regulating the digestive tract, vitamin C for strengthening the immune system, and potassium for balancing fluid levels within the body. Lodi apples are also high in vitamin A for healthy organ functioning, vitamin E for protecting cells against free radical damage, iron for developing the protein hemoglobin that helps to transport oxygen through the blood, and antioxidants for reducing inflammation. Other nutrients contained in Lodis include phosphorus, copper, zinc, boron, and magnesium.

Fun Facts About the Lodi

This thick-skinned apple was developed in 1924 by the New York State Experiment Station. It’s a cross between Montgomery and Yellow Transparent, with a white flesh that’s soft and juicy. Here are some more fun facts:

  • This tart and crisp apple is perfect for making apple sauce and is considered a great cooking apple.
  • It’s great for cooking summer pies, muffins, or breads, as well as juice, cider, and apple butter.
  • Lodi apples pair well with roasted nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts; yogurt; cheeses like cheddar, cottage, and ricotta; and fruits such as grapes, bananas, and plums.
  • Usually too tart to be eaten on its own, Lodi is great with toast, mixed into cookie batter, spooned over oatmeal, or as a dipping sauce.
  • It yields ripe fruit between July and August.
  • It can bloom early in the season, with pink or white flowers.
  • This fruit will keep for a few weeks when stored in the refrigerator.
  • This is a conical, slightly ribbed smooth-skinned light green apple.

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