Grand Rapids is a city for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. There is no lack of things to do, no matter what season it is. From hiking to biking and even sledding, there are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors here in Michigan. You might not be surprised that apple picking is one of our favorite ways to get outside. There are several apple orchards within a 20 minute drive that have a U-pick season, but Robinette’s is honored to be the only one in Grand Rapids!

Apple picking is a wonderful activity for all ages, and it doesn’t have to end once your bags are filled to the brim. Once you have your haul, go home and make an apple pie or caramel apples together. Enjoy snacking on raw apples while reminiscing about your time picking them. There’s nothing better than making memories with the people you love most.

When to Pick Apples in Grand Rapids

September and October are prime months to pick apples in Michigan. At Robinette’s, we pick our apples from August through November. Our U-Pick season usually starts around the second weekend in September and goes into October, or whenever the trees are picked clean.

Check out these apple orchard FAQs!

Apple Picking Tips

We’ve summarized our top five apple picking tips below, but you can read more about them in this blog post!

  1. Keep the apple stem on.
  2. Grab the apple with your palm, not your fingers.
  3. Be gentle and twist the apple.
  4. Start on the outside of the tree.
  5. Pick local.

Pick Apples at Robinette’s

Here at Robinette’s, we grow 35 varieties of apples, and you can pick many of them during our U-pick season. We would love nothing more than for you and your family to swing by this season and enjoy an afternoon of apple picking. Come for the apple picking and stay for the corn maze, donuts, and more!