It’s no secret that we love apples. There is just nothing like biting into a crisp, juicy apple…especially when you picked it yourself! We sell pre-picked apples as a convenient alternative to picking them yourself, but we encourage all of our guests to pick their own apples from the orchard if they ever get the chance. Picking apples straight from the tree is a fun experience for kids and adults alike, and it makes that juicy apple taste even better. 

If you’re planning on visiting our u-pick apple orchard soon, or an apple orchard near you, keep reading for five of our best apple picking tips.

  1. Keep the apple stem on.
    It can be tempting to twist the apple stems off, but try your best to keep the stems on when you can. Apples with stems last longer than those without.
  2. Grab the apple with your palm, not your fingers.
    Apples are more sensitive than you might think. Picking an apple with your palm instead of grabbing it from the sides with your fingers prevents bruising.
  3. Be gentle.
    Once you’ve picked an apple without your fingers bruising it, gently place it in your bag or basket. Throwing your apple into your container could lead to unnecessary bruising.
  4. Start on the outside of the tree.
    Apples start ripening from the outer ends of the tree first. When you pick, start with ones furthest from the trunk, and work your way in. You might notice that some of the apples toward the middle don’t look ripe yet. If that is the case, they probably need some more time before they’re ready to pick.
  5. Pick local.
    There are apple orchards all over the United States. Chances are, you can find one near you. Head to your local orchard and pick your own apples this year—they really do taste better! And if you’re in the Grand Rapids area, be sure to visit Robinette’s!

Looking for something to do with all your freshly picked apples? Check out these 32 apple dessert recipes—we think you’ll find something for everyone! 

Now that you know some of our top tips for apple picking, we hope you’ll stop by soon! While you’re here, don’t forget to grab a hot donut, fresh apple cider, or any of our other apple treats. And if you have any questions about our u-pick apple season, don’t hesitate to contact us.