July is cherry picking season here in Grand Rapids! Picking cherries is a fun and delicious activity that anyone can enjoy. Whether you have a cherry tree at home or you’ll be visiting our orchard this summer, here are some insider cherry picking tips to keep in mind!

Check the Color

Look for cherries that are deep in color, whether they’re bright red, dark red, or black, depending on the variety. Avoid cherries that are still green or have a yellowish hue.

Gently Squeeze

Give the cherries a gentle squeeze to assess their firmness. Ripe cherries should be firm but yield slightly to pressure. Avoid soft or mushy cherries.

Inspect the Stems

Check for stems that are green and firmly attached to the fruit. Avoid cherries with brown, dry, or shriveled stems.

Look High and Low

Don’t just limit yourself to the cherries you can see at eye level. Look high and low! Some of the sweetest cherries might be higher up on the tree.

Be Gentle

When picking cherries, handle them with care to avoid damaging the fruit or the tree. Hold the cherry near the stem and twist it gently to detach it from the branch. Avoid pulling on the fruit, as it may damage the tree or leave behind part of the stem.

Transport Them Safely

If you’re traveling a distance or the cherries will be exposed to heat, bring a cooler or insulated bag to keep them fresh and prevent them from overheating and spoiling.

Now that you know the best cherry picking tips to make the most of your experience, be sure to bookmark these recipes that use fresh cherries!

Cherry Picking at Robinette’s

July marks the beginning of our u-pick cherry season! If you’re local to Grand Rapids or find yourself visiting sometime this summer, we’d love to have you! See you soon!