There are actually many sweet apples out there, not just one. From Fuji to Gala to Honeycrisp, we will go over the apples that have the sweetest taste. They’re great to crunch into as a snack, on the go, or you can bake them in pies. If you love sweet apples, stay away from the tart ones, such as Granny Smith and McIntosh.

Let’s go over the top three sweetest apples that we grow and sell here at Robinette’s.


Named after the city in which they were first grown — Fujisaki, Japan – Fuji apples made their appearance in the 1930s as a cross between the Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet varieties. The Fuji has now become one of the most popular varieties in the United States, known for its firm texture, red-yellow coloring, and deeply sweet flavor that mimics the taste of apple juice. They’re hearty and store well, so they’re perfect for snacking, baking, and making applesauce. Fuji apples boast one of the highest sugar contents of all apples, at 14g of sugar per 100g.


Hailing from New Zealand, Gala apples first made an appearance in the 1930s as a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red apples. Gala apples are more oblong and small than other varieties and are known for their firm texture, sweet flavor, and orange-red color. They are particularly great for baking and they freeze well. With their perfect crispy bite and sweet, mild flavor, Gala apples have become a favorite of consumers all across the nation.


First developed in the 1960s at the University of Minnesota, Honeycrisp have a juicier bite than other varieties. They are known for their tart-sweet flavor, bright red-yellow color, and creamy yet crunchy texture. Enjoy them as a raw snack, juiced, or in apple pies. Honeycrisp apples boast a well-balanced, sweet-tart taste, offset by an explosively juicy, crisp texture. This excellent mid-season apple is beloved by people all over the country, and was actually named the Minnesota State Fruit in 2006.

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