Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! And what better way to express your love, appreciation or admiration than enjoying wonderful food and wine with that special someone. Yes, we know that chocolates and flowers are the mainstay of Valentine’s Day, but why not try a different kind of treat? Wine tasting can add that something extra to the date.

Start that date in the afternoon with wine tasting and some tasty hors d’oeuvres. Then move on to a scrumptious dinner at your favorite restaurant. After the wine tasting you’ll know exactly what wine to order with your entrée! And to top off the night at home, you can enjoy a glass with late-night snacks. Pair red wines with chocolate or cheeses and white wines with fruit or mini cupcakes.

We researched some tips for wine tasting and discovered these five steps so you’ll be able to get the most out of any taste or full glass of wine. Expand your wine tasting experience by making these steps a sensual experience for your taste buds.

See the Wine

Really look at the color – is it deep red? Burgundy? Light pink? White?

Swirl the Wine

Does it have legs – the thin strings of liquid that remain on the inside of the glass? In wines with low sugar and alcohol content, the legs will be thin and fast moving. In wines with high sugar or alcohol content, the legs will be more noticeable and will run slowly down the glass.

Sniff the Wine

It is fun to try to identify the flavors infused into the wine!

Sip the Wine

How does it feel on your tongue? Is it sweet or dry on the taste buds? What is the sensation in your mouth after you’ve swallowed the wine?

Savor the Wine

Even with the tasting-sized glass, you can fully enjoy everything about the wines. Take your time to savor!

After the tasting, you may find you want to sit and sip a glass of one of your favorites from the tasting. Or better yet, order a bottle to go, to enjoy at home.

Robinette’s produces several kinds of wine and hard ciders on site, while others are made by producers from Michigan fruit. Next time you’re at Robinette’s, make sure to stop by our tasting room! Our tasting room has over 20 Michigan-made wines and ciders for you to taste in the winery. We are always creating and experimenting with new wine flavors. We have several fruit wines, including Cranberry, Apple, Blueberry, and two of our most popular wines, Passionate Peach Spumante and Chocolate!

Love, Wine & Chocolate Event

Robinette’s is hosting our 11th annual Love, Wine & Chocolate event on Friday, February 10th from 3:00-7:00 pm EST. For just $18 per person, you can enjoy a souvenir wine glass, up to five wine or hard cider tastes per person, and access to the Chocolate Shack Bar. We are also offering a 30% off sale in the Gift Barn (excluding wine, new arrivals and previous purchases).

Tickets are sold at the door, so please come eat, drink, and enjoy!

If you’d rather stay in, order online and pick up a chocolate box and some wine for two!