Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks, spending time with loved ones, and eating delicious food (including apple pie, we hope). It’s easy to focus on the turkey and the pie and forget about what matters–the people in our lives. Traditions are a great way to build memories and connect with loved ones. If you’re looking for some Thanksgiving traditions you can incorporate with your family gathering this year and for years to come, keep reading.

Thank Someone

Many families have a tradition of going around the dinner table and saying something that each person is thankful for. We love this tradition, but we have a slightly different version to try in addition. At some point on Thanksgiving day, go out of your way to thank someone. We have so many things to be thankful for, but we also have so many people to thank! Whether you’re thanking someone for cooking or making a difference in your life, we’re sure it will brighten their day.

Try Out a Festive Cocktail

Spruce up your traditional menu with a festive cocktail, like one of these apple cider cocktails. Try a new one each year until you find one that everyone loves.

Do Something Together

This seems vague, but that’s on purpose! Pick an activity to do as a family, such as a puzzle, board game, hike, 5k, football game, or something entirely different. The activity could be the same every year, or maybe you’d prefer to switch it up. It’s your family’s tradition, so make it unique to you!

Enjoy Pie for Breakfast

Yep, we went there! Why wait until after your big meal of the day to eat that pie you’ve been dreaming about all year long? Instead of indulging in pie once you’re already stuffed and your pants are right, start a tradition of enjoying it first thing in the morning! And no one said you can’t have it again later. We guarantee this is a tradition your kids will want to repeat every year.

Are you making an apple pie this year? Here are the best apples for apple pie.

Make Homemade Cider

If you typically enjoy hot or cold apple cider on Thanksgiving, try making it at home this year! We love this apple cider recipe, and we think you will too. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, save yourself a step and let us make it for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!