There’s no doubt that apples are a delicious snack any time of day, but they actually serve many more purposes than just fulfilling your nutritious cravings. From helping to roast the perfect chicken to ripening up your tomatoes, check out these strange but amazing uses for apples.

Apples can…

  • Keep Cake Fresh: To keep your leftover cake moist and fresh, store it with half an apple. The apple releases moisture that your cakes, brownies, and other baked goods will absorb, keeping them from going stale for a few more days.
  • Roast the Perfect Chicken – Stuff an apple into a whole chicken so it stays moist while cooking. Discard the apple afterwards. No one likes dry chicken, and the apple will help it retains its moisture and flavor. Add some herbs and spices to the mix for even more flavor.
  • Loosen Up Brown Sugar: Got a bag of hardened brown sugar? Don’t throw it out and buy a new one. Simply put an apple wedge in the bag and tightly seal it. Wait a day or two and you will notice the sugar will be soft again and easily pliable.
  • Ripen Tomatoes: If you want to add tomatoes to sandwiches for an upcoming picnic but they aren’t ripe yet, place those unripened tomatoes along with an apple in a paper bag for a day or two. They’ll be perfectly ripe in no time so you can enjoy them just like you want. This also works on bananas.
  • Cut Down on Salt: If your stew or soup is too salty, add a few apple wedges in there for about 10 minutes so the apple can soak up the excess salt.
  • Work Out Your Core: Add extra punch to your crunch by putting an apple between your thighs, squeezing it while you do crunches. When you try to hold the apple in place while exercising, this makes you work out your hip flexors and adductors – not to mention your abs.

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