Are you a wine lover, connoisseur, or even someone who enjoys the occasional glass with friends? Maybe you have your go-to red and whites, but have you ever tried a dessert wine?

According to, there are five main types of dessert wine:

  • Sparkling
  • Lightly sweet (e.g., Riesling, Vionier)
  • Richly sweet (e.g., Ice Wine, Straw Mat)
  • Sweet red (e.g., Lambrusco, Freisa)
  • Fortified (e.g., Port, Sherry)

As you might expect, dessert wines are sweeter than traditional wines. Because of this, they’re meant to be enjoyed in small quantities, not glass after glass. Sip on your dessert wine as your savor that decadent piece of chocolate cheesecake.

Dessert Wine Pairings

  • Berry wines pair well with chocolate desserts
  • Chocolate wines pair well with chocolate (surprise!)
  • Moscato pairs well with vanilla desserts like custard
  • Riesling pairs well with fruit cobblers
  • Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with white chocolate desserts
  • Oaked Chardonnay pairs well with lemon desserts

We make specialty dessert wines in-house at Robinette’s, and our wine experts can help you pick the perfect dessert wine for your next dinner party. Stop by our tasting room to try our dessert wines and see which one you like best.