We talk a lot about apples on our blog, which makes sense because we are primarily an apple orchard. But did you know that we also grow apricots? That’s right, you can get fresh, Michigan-grown apricots at Robinette’s! We feel like apricots don’t get enough attention, so this is their time to shine!

What Does an Apricot Taste Like?

Before we get too far along, we want to clear one thing up: an apricot is not just a smaller peach. But we understand the confusion! The two fruits look similar, and they’re both stone fruits, meaning they have a pit. That’s where the similarities stop. Peaches are sweet and juicy, while apricots are more tart and firm. Apricots are more acidic than peaches.

If you’re still not sure you could tell the difference between a peach and an apricot in a blind taste test, consider buying one of each next time they’re in season at your local grocery store. We have a feeling you’ll be able to tell them apart pretty quickly, but that way you can see for yourself!

When is Apricot Season?

Apricot season typically runs from late May through July. Apricot harvest season is usually from June through August. That’s when you’ll find fresh apricots at Robinette’s!

How to Use Fresh Apricots

Now that you know what an apricot tastes like and when they’re in season, it’s time to learn how to use them! Luckily, there are so many ways to enjoy fresh apricots, which we’ll share about in this section. 

Enjoy Them Raw

Fresh, uncooked apricots are the perfect summer treat. Enjoy them by themselves, or even as a side with lunch or dinner. We recommend slicing them as a topping for ice cream. Yum!

Make Apricot Jam or Jelly

If you have an abundance of fresh apricots, consider making homemade apricot jam! This is the perfect spread for toast, or for a fun twist on a classic PB&J.

Make Apricot Cobbler

You can’t go wrong with a cobbler, so why not make an apricot cobbler with your fresh apricots? Don’t forget to pair it with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Local Apricots in Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re local to Grand Rapids, be sure to stop by Robinette’s to pick up some of our fresh-picked apricots, especially if you’ve never tried one before! We can’t wait to see you!