We’ve all been there. We cut up an apple to eat later, and it’s brown by the time we’re ready to eat it. While there might not be anything wrong with a brown apple, wouldn’t it be nice to pre-slice apples and keep them fresh for when you’re ready to enjoy them? If you agree, we have good news for you: it is possible to keep sliced apples from browning!

Why do cut apples turn brown?

Before we dive into how to prevent apples from browning, let’s explain why they turn brown so quickly in the first place. Oxidation. When enzymes in the apple flesh come into contact with oxygen, apples turn brown.

How to Keep Cut Apples Fresh

In order to keep cut apples from turning brown, you have to stop oxidation from happening. There are several substances you can use to do this and keep your apples fresh. We’re highlighting the ones that work best!

You may have heard about using lemon juice to keep apples from browning. That is a common method, but the ones below work even better!

Salt Water

The salt water method is very effective for keeping cut apples fresh. Simply slice your apples and soak them in salt water (½ tsp of salt per cup of water) for five minutes. After they have soaked, rinse the apples, put them in a container or bag, and store them in the fridge. You’ll be happy to find perfectly fresh apples in the morning! And no, they won’t taste like salt. Trust us.

Honey Water

The honey water method is nearly identical to the salt water method, and just as effective. Instead of salt, mix one tablespoon of honey per cup of water. Soak your apples, rinse them, and store them.

Plain Water

The plain water method is not quite as effective as the first two methods, but we’re including it because it is just so easy. Cut your apples, soak them in water, and put the still soaking apples in the fridge. They stay fresh for at least six hours, making this a great method if you’re prepping apples to use the next day.

As you can see, it isn’t difficult to keep cut apples from turning brown. As long as you have some salt in your kitchen, you can keep your apples fresh! And if you happen to be out of salt, you can still use regular water to keep them from browning for a short while.