Where does your food come from? If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where farmers’ markets are popular and landowners raise crops for picking, you know how wonderful it is to buy local produce. Locally grown food is full of flavor because the crops are picked at the optimal time. It is highly possible that some local markets feature produce that has been harvested within 24 hours of when you see it in the bins! What a treat it is to explore the variety and abundance of seasonal, homegrown produce at local markets. In fact, on top of being fresh, there are a handful of benefits local produce has. Read about them below.

Local Produce is More Nutritious

Local food may have more flavor and more nutrients. The quality of the food is higher because it is fresh and not subjected to long travel times. Nothing tastes quite like a piece of homegrown fruit straight from the farm!

We recommend taking the time to learn what fruits and vegetables are in season and preparing meal plans accordingly. Pickyourown.org has a calendar showing harvest dates for Michigan produce.

Local Produce Supports the Community

The current catchphrase in many cities is “Buy Local”. If you are environmentally and economically conscious, it is a wonderful practice to give back to your community by buying locally.

Local Produce is Chemical Free

Imagine the health benefits! Nutritious, tasty, and chemical-free are tremendous reasons local foods promote a safer food supply. Food grown in distant locations has the potential for contamination at harvesting, washing, shipping, and distribution. Local growers can walk you through the exact processes they utilize from planting to harvesting. It is important to know where your food comes from!

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