Fall is a time for apples, and for celebrating how thankful we are for our blessings. With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought it would be fun to highlight a few apple turkey craft ideas for you to get creative with the kids. Make them beforehand to display as placeholders or centerpieces at Thanksgiving dinner, or make them on the actual holiday as a way to keep the kids busy.

Spice Drop Apple Turkey

Get whimsical and tasty with your apple turkey craft. This one involves spice gummy drops and candy corn, adding even more fun to this tasty treat.

You will need:

  • One large apple
  • Toothpicks
  • Spice drops in a variety of colors
  • Large marshmallow
  • Raisins
  • Candy corn
  • Red fruit snack cut in half


  1. Poke three spice drops onto a bunch of toothpicks for turkey feathers.
  2. Insert the toothpicks along the back of your apple.
  3. Poke a marshmallow into another toothpick, inserting it into the front of the apple.
  4. Fill the turkey’s face by adding raisins for eyes, candy corn for a beak, and half a red fruit snack for its wattle.
  5. Poke one spice drop each onto the ends of two toothpicks for legs, inserting them into the front of the apple.

This edible craft makes for some gobbly good fun and giggles!

Froot Loop Apple Turkey

You can either use Froot Loops cereal or raisins for this adorable turkey apple craft. You’ll have just as much fun making this craft as you will eating it!

You will need:

  • 1 apple
  • ¼ cup Froot Loops cereal or 1/4 cup raisins (if you use the cereal pieces, keep in mind you will still need some raisins for the neck)
  • 7 mini marshmallows
  • 11 toothpicks
  • 1 green olive
  • 2 cloves


  • To make the feathers, slide the raisins or cereal pieces onto toothpicks 3/4 the way down, placing a mini-marshmallow at the end.
  • Stick the “feathers” into the back of your apple.
  • For the head, slide raisins down the toothpick, topping with a green olive.
  • Add cloves for eyes. If using a pimento olive, pull the red piece out a bit so it looks like a wattle.
  • To allow the turkey to stand freely, insert a few toothpicks underneath.

Apple Turkey Place Card Holders

These crafts pull triple duty as an edible snack, decoration, and place holder for Thanksgiving dinner guests.

You will need:

  • Paper napkins (fall colors)
  • Medium-sized apple
  • Almond in the shell
  • Peanut in the shell
  • LifeSavers candy
  • Colored paper or cardstock
  • Glue gun or tacky glue
  • Craft eyes
  • Paper clips
  • Pen


  • Gather all supplies before beginning.
  • Hold the almond point down, then glue two eyes on the rounded part of the nut; let dry.
  • Glue the candy to the front of the apple towards the top; let dry.
  • Glue the almond with the eyes on it to the candy; let dry.
  • Glue the peanut right below the almond for the wattle.
  • Unfold the napkin to make a 9-by-13-inch rectangle; fold it accordion-style.
  • Hold the layers together with the paper clip.
  • Crease the folded napkin in the middle, bringing the ends together of the top layer to resemble a fan.
  • Secure the fan with another paper clip, sitting the napkin behind the apple.
  • Write the name of the guest on the paper using the pen.
  • Straighten one end of another paper clip, inserting the straight end right into your apple.
  • Slide the card into the paper clip.

Now your guests will know where to sit, and enjoy a beautiful creation made by the kids of the house!

Gobbling Turkey Apples

Featuring popcorn, grapes and pretzels, these apples can be “gobbled” up as a snack while waiting for the real turkey to make its way out of the oven for Thanksgiving dinner.

You will need:

  • Apples
  • Toothpicks
  • Thin stick pretzels
  • Marshmallows
  • Raisins or Craisins
  • Popcorn


  1. Set out all your supplies.
  2. Attach some of them together in a line with your toothpicks, pressing them into the back of the apple for the feathers.
  3. Make turkey faces using chocolate kisses or chocolate morsels, and a Craisin on a toothpick for the wattle.

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