The Mutsu apple, also referred to as the Crispin apple, is a hybrid of the Golden Delicious and the Indo apple cultivars that were first grown in Japan. This medium to large green apple has a flesh color that ranges from white to greenish yellow. It usually has unequal sides and can be round, oblong, or conical in shape.

The Mutsu, characterized by its juicy flesh, is aromatic, sharp, and sweet. You can eat it as is, or you can juice it, dry it, or cook it. In fact, the Mutsu retains its shape well when baked or cooked, and can be stored for up to three months.

First introduced in 1948, the Mutsu got its name from the Mutsu Province of Japan. These apples thrive in temperate or warm climates, flowering in the middle of the growing season and getting harvested late in the season.

Fun Facts About the Mutsu

These medium to large fruits average between seven and 10 centimeters in diameter, with irregular, lopsided shoulders. Here are some more fun facts:

  • The skin of the Mutsu is waxy, smooth, and firm, with a yellow-green hue and some dark brown lenticels peppered across the surface.
  • The ivory to white flesh is crisp yet soft, known for its sweet-honeyed flavor offset by sharp, tangy, acidic notes.
  • Mutsu apples are harvested in fall and are able to be stored till early spring.
  • Mutsu apples are classified as Malus domestica.
  • Mutsu apples are popular for desserts in Japan and are affectionately called the “million-dollar apple.”
  • Mutsu apples can be cultivated in a variety of ways to result in different skin colorings and variations. They command high prices in Japanese markets.
  • In the UK, Mutsu apples are known as Crispin apples and are revered for their sweet-tart flavor, and aromatic, coarse flesh.
  • Mutsu apples are high in fiber, which helps to regulate the digestive tract.
  • They are also high in vitamins A and C — antioxidants known to boost the immune system while repairing cell damage.
  • Mutsu apples can be used in both raw and cooked manners, such as roasting and baking. They can also be chopped in salads; sliced into sandwiches, or served with nuts, dried fruits, and cheeses as appetizers. They are also commonly pressed into juices and ciders, and they can also be dried for extended use.
  • In terms of desserts, the Mutsu can be stuffed, friend, or battered, or baked into pies, breads, cobblers, and muffins. These apples pair well with meats like pork, beef, poultry, and fish, as well as with mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, cranberries, rosemary, pears, rice, beets, maple syrup, honey, and cinnamon.
  • Sun Mutsu apples are yellow-green in color and are very common in Japan. They are the sweetest version you can get. Red Mutsu apples are bright red and are considered a specialty variety in Japanese markets. Silver Mutsu apples, which are not exposed to sunlight, result in a pale yellow hue.

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