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For sale in the Apple Haus as of Oct 20:

Ida Red


Honey Crisp

Northern Spy



Ruby Jon


(While supplies last.)






Here are some recipes to try:


Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake Bars

Cherry Dump Pudding Cake Recipe

Cherry Fold It Up Recipe

Produce apple harvest

Click here for Bethel Robinette’s Applesauce recipe!


2019 Estimated Apple Harvest Guide (call 616-361-5567 for more info)

Variety Est Harvest Date
Lodi 7/24
Pristine 8/12
Zestar! 8/18
Paula Red 8/31
Ginger Gold 9/1
Dandee 8/29
Gala 9/17
Mcintosh 9/22
Honey Crisp 9/18
Cortland 9/27
Mutsu 9/27
Jonagold 10/3
Golden Delicious 10/9
Ida Red 10/17
Northern Spy  10/22
Braeburn 10/22
Fuji  10/25
Pink Lady 10/30