The holidays are just around the corner, which means that soon it will be time to decide what you want to gift your family and friends this year. Gift giving can get more difficult the older you get because your close friends and family members have most of the things they want. Can you relate to this feeling? If so, we have two gift categories for you to consider this year: food (and beverages) and time. Both of these gift categories are great for the people in your life who already have everything they want and need.

The Gift of Food (and Beverages)

No matter who you are, you have to eat and drink. The holidays are the perfect time to treat your loved ones to a special food or beverage item that they wouldn’t normally splurge on. Alternatively, they might not even know what they’re missing out on! It’s up to you to open their eyes and taste buds to culinary treats they won’t forget. At Robinette’s, we have a wide variety of special food and beverages that are ideal for gift giving.

We have three limited edition hard ciders for the adults in your life: Rosè, Orange Ginger, and Bill’s Special. We also have regular apple cider, fudge, apple samplers, local jam, and a variety of delicious gift boxes available for purchase on our online store. That’s right. Even if you’re not in the Grand Rapids area, you can send a taste of Robinette’s to the people you love. Visit our online shop.

The Gift of Time

People may forget what you got them for Christmas five years ago, but they won’t forget that time you took them somewhere to spend quality time with them. The gift of time applies to adults and kids alike. Instead of buying your niece or nephew another toy, plan a day for you to spend together and make memories. Robinette’s is the perfect place to bring a niece, nephew, son, daughter, grandparent, friend, or anyone in your life for a fun experience. Pick apples, sip on some warm, freshly made apple cider, stroll the property, and don’t forget to enjoy a hot donut! If you want to find a small token to represent the day, we have souvenirs in our gift shop to choose from. For adults, a wine tasting at Robinette’s is a wonderful gift to give.

The holidays are a time for being with the people you love, surrounded by good cheer and good food. Stop by Robinette’s today to pick up some seasonal baked goods for your holiday gathering.