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Hayrides & Petting Zoo starts Sept 12

Hayrides open on Sat & Sunday starting in Sept, and Thurs-Sunday in October (weather permitting).

To schedule private hayrides other weekdays or early evenings, call Kerrie 616-361-7180 ext. 126.  Minimum of $250 for up to 35 people, $7/person after 35 people.

Petting Zoo Sunday 12-4pm (weather permitting) in Sept and Oct.

Stores are open year round



Robinette’s have had horse-drawn hayrides for more than twenty years.  The horses are owned by cousins of the Robinette’s – Andy and Marty Barkow of Barkow Farms in Cedar Springs, Michigan.  They bring their beautiful horses down each fall for your enjoyment.  Pulling the wagons is actually very good exercise for these work horses.  The Barkows can also be hired for special events as their schedule permits.  The main horses this year are Tina the matriarch, Howard, Ursala, Stanley, Chip and Rick.  In the off season the horses enjoy turn out and dinner.  They get to go to a few play days in the spring and couple of shows in the summer.  Come say hello to the horses before taking a picturesque ride through the orchard.  Don’t forget to have your picture taken with your favorite team!

Horse Drawn Hayrides each weekend during September and October (Weather Permitting)

2020 Prices: $7 for ages 13 and up. $5 for ages 3-12. Ages 0-2 are free.

In September, Hayrides will be available Saturday 11-5:30 and Sunday 12-5:30.  In October, they will also be available on Thursdays and Fridays from 1-5pm.

**Weather permitting, hayrides will be available the first weekend of November

Buying Tickets

You can purchase hayride tickets at the Activity Ticket Booth or at the podium by the horses.

2019 Pricing (subject to change) We no longer have combo tickets: