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Cider Mill

Jim Robinette built a cider mill on our farm in 1971.  The world of growing apples had changed in the 1960’s, and it became more difficult for a small farm such as ours to survive.  The business of selling our fruit at wholesale was no longer profitable, as evidenced by the fact that all our neighboring farms are now houses and shopping centers.  Jim took the family on a tour of cider mills in south east Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  The addition of a cider press to our farm transformed us into a retail destination.  From then on, we have constantly added new products and services to our farm.

Robinettes Cider MillWe make fresh cider at the cider mill starting the Tuesday after Labor Day, and continue through April or early May.  We use a blend of apples which changes as the season progresses, always striving for a balance of sweet and tart.  You may watch cider being made throughout the fall, and about once a week in the winter.  We treat our cider with a UV Light process to prevent any bacterial contamination.  We feel it produces a better cider than a heat pasteurization process does.  We use no preservatives and no additives, so our cider is 100 percent pure apple!

Our cider is also the starting point for our apple-based wines and hard ciders.  The UV Light treatment removes almost all natural yeasts from cider, providing an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to make their own apple wine or hard cider.

We make several extra batches of cider in early November every year to freeze for sale in the summer.  Our cider season never ends!

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