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Outdoor Trail

Our outdoor trail is about five miles long and loops through orchard and rough terrain on the north part of our farm.  It is a single track with very difficult climbs and turns. Runners may use the bike trail for trail running except during Sept and Oct. 

  • Cyclists, hikers, walkers and runners may not use the trails during Sept and Oct – sorry!
  • Pets are not allowed in the corn maze, buildings (with the exception of the house dog, Jacob) or on hayrides.  Guide/service dogs are always welcome.  If you your pet is on our property, it must be on a 6′ leash.  PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE ORCHARD DURING SEPT AND OCT (HARVEST SEASON).  Do not brush your dog and leave their fur all over our property.  Please remove your dog’s waste.  If we find you do not follow our pet rules, you will not be welcome back to our farm.  Sorry, but MANY people have ruined it for the majority.

Robinette’s Mountain Bike Trail will give you an amazing workout. A full year pass is only $30.00, or you can ride for the day for $3. A helmet is required. Prior to riding, you must check-in at the Apple Haus for payment. Please avoid riding if the trail is too muddy as well as at night.

The map at the bottom is a courtesy of Rob Andro and West Michigan Trial Runners. You can find more Michigan mountain biking info at: http://www.singletracks.com and http://mmba.org/